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What Apartment Managers Need to Know About Package Lockers

In this 30-min on-demand  webinar, we discuss package locker costs and other FAQs, such as:

  • What are the complete costs?
  • How many lockers will I need?
  • What if I don’t have enough space for a locker in my building?
  • What about oversized packages and overflow?


Plus, we dig deeper into the best customizable features of package systems available on the market. This webinar is free to view. Additional resources are also included with the webinar.

What you’ll learn in the webinar:

Do I really need a locker system?

Discover if your community is a good fit for a modern locker system.

How many lockers would I need and what is the cost?

Learn how to analyze space, cost and overall ROI for this valuable amenity.

What about oversized packages or custom things?

Explore best practices for handling challenges ranging from very large packages to refrigerated boxes and more.

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Liss Technologies Group is a certified LuxerOne partner and preferred provider for package locker systems, package rooms, and more throughout the Midwest and great United States.