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UTILITY BILLING: Utility billing solutions customized for the multifamily and apartment industry.


With nearly 40 years in the utility billing industry, our team at Liss Technologies Group knows a thing or two about optimizing processes. Our end-to-end solutions make it easy to recover the full scope of utility costs, whether you’re installing new equipment, shifting to submetering, or considering ratio utility billing solutions.

Let Us Show You How to Save

We will partner with you to determine the right solution to fit your needs.  Our customer-first team will make it the best possible experience and cover all the details.  Make managing your utility billing easier and more convenient for you and your residents.  We can bill your utilities, amenities and rent for you, or act as a non-affiliated 3rd party billing company.

The Benefits to YOU of Utility Billing


Customer Service

We take all your billing related customer service calls on the behalf of your property management team, freeing them up to support your residents’ daily needs. Our team is happy, positive and will be a great

ambassador for our client’s organization.

Customized Billing

Customized options available to meet the unique needs of your property and your management team. Adding CAM (common Area Maintenance) charges, or making seasonal adjustments can be supported.

White label, customized billing is also available.

Payment Processing

Optional payment processing to make paying utility bills easy and convenient for your residents. Reimbursements, reporting and exports to you Property Management software are done monthly like clockwork.

Portal Access: Our clients and their residents have 24/7 access to our portal to review bills and usage, pay bills and chat with our customer service. Property Managers can monitor resident billing, payment history and make inquires as well.

Reporting Capabilities

Real-time reporting to help your team accurately track the entire billing and payment cycle.

Fully Recover Utility Expenses

Ensure all utility costs are fully covered by residents, reducing your net operating expense and increasing your net operating income.

Align with Resident Preferences

Improve the percentage of residents who pay on time by meeting their preferences for bill delivery and payment, whether that’s online or in the mail.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Eliminate or reduce payroll and costly overhead expenses; freeing up funds for future investments in new properties, additional assets or enjoy enhanced profitability.

Integrate with Existing Software

Our billing system integrates with your existing property management softwareWe specialize in  handling your data and minimizing the work your team has to do.  Pulling monthly bills from your Utility company, to downloading and uploading billing data into your property management software is our expertise.

(The concept above would be better servied with a graphic showing Invoice America sending and receiving data from a selection of 10-15 property management softwares- Yardi, Resman, Appfolio etc)


Bill Auditing:

We audit all our clients utilitiy bills for errors or anomolies.  We will resolve these issues prior to resident billing.  Hunting and finding rate discrepancies and errors saves your residents money.


Property owners and management teams are always looking to increase profitability at their properties. In all of the customer conversations and market interviews we’ve done over the last few decades, it comes up time and time again.

In multifamily, the answer to increasing profitability simply one of two options:

  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease expenses
Let’s Discuss Your MultiFamily Premium Utility Solutions