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Liss Technologies Group represents multiple brands in the marketplace – all designed to bring you maximum convenience and value.

Invoice America

Invoice America is the front-facing brand for utility billing from the resident and property perspective. Because Liss Technologies Group encompasses a wide variety of solutions, the Invoice America brand provides an opportunity to streamline the communication and customer experience specifically for multifamily.

At Invoice America, residents can view and pay their bill, obtain move out info, and view frequently asked questions.



Luxer One

Liss Technologies Group is a regional certified partner for Luxer One Package Lockers – the leader in package management & locker solutions for apartments, retailers, offices, universities, and more.

According to the 2018 Package Delivery Report by NMHC & Kingsley Research, Luxer One is the #1 package locker solution in multifamily. With over 15 years in multifamily lockers, we’ve perfected the delivery experience for residents, carriers, and property managers.

Are you a current customer looking for support with your apartment package lockers? Click here!




VisiCom is the leading nonverbal paging system for dental and medical practices, requiring no room-to-room wiring and minimal setup. Put a unit in each exam room, choose a letter for each provider, a number for each room, and you are ready to page.

With VisiCom, you are always aware of who needs to go where next, where to find everyone, and if more than one patient is waiting, the patient sequence. VisiCom is the height of simplicity; when you need someone, simply press their assigned button.



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