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Gas Submetering

Accurately and efficiently monitor and track your natural gas usage for easy billing.



What’s your most expensive utility bill to date? Chances are, you answered natural gas. Gas submetering allows property owners to track the natural gas usage of each unit within their complex, effectively eliminating this costly expense from your bottom-line.

Learn how we can help you submeter gas and set up utility billing on existing properties or new construction.

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We make it easy for you to boost NOI by recouping gas costs.

  • ROI icon ROI icon Quick Returns Most property owners are able to recover the full cost of their submetering system within 6 months. That's money to the bottom line and convenience to boot.
  • customized technology icon customized technology icon Customized For You We offer a variety of gas submetering technologies to ensure we can meet your exact needs for tracking and measuring gas usage, customized specifically for your property.
  • safety check icon safety check icon Dedicated to Safety With your gas submetering system, we can help you quickly detect dangerous gas leaks and efficiently address the problem to keep your residents and your team safe.

Removing a Costly Line Item

Implementing a gas submetering system allows you to transfer the costs of gas usage directly to the end-consumer — the resident. In doing so, this removes one of the most costly line items within your P&L.

In addition, this is a burden offloaded from your staff as our team will handle the billing from the submetering setup.

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Empowering Your Residents

When residents are directly responsible for their gas bill, they are more likely to conserve energy and decrease overall usage. Monthly updates on usage rates gives residents insight into how much gas they are currently using and prompts them to conserve where possible.

This also keeps residents up to date on how much gas they are using and how much it is costing them, making it easier for residents to cost control and less likely to call your team with complaints.

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Setting Up Gas Submetering

If you’re looking for specific details for your property, please reach out. Our customer service is here to help answer any questions or address any issues as soon as they arise.

With our full-service resident and management care, we help you from implementation through to maintenance, so you never have to worry about a thing. Each property gets a specific account manager to answer any questions or deal with any challenges directly.

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Midwest Property Management Company Goes All In with Liss Technologies’ Solutions

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