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Utility Expense Management

Efficient and accurate accounts payable, without the hassle.



Utility Expense Management simplifies and streamlines your account payables processes, so your bills are paid on time, every time. Outsourcing to a trusted partner means you never have to worry about a late fee or an erroneous charge again.

To eliminate manual data entry and save you time, your utility invoices and payment details are synced with your accounting software. Not only does this give you back your time, but it makes reporting easier and more insightful.

Have questions about your invoices or payments? Our responsive customer service means you never have to worry. Reach out with a question or concern and we’ll be here to help.

Multifamily Utility Billing


We remove the burden of managing your array of utility expenses.

  • less errors icon less errors icon Less Billing Errors By outsourcing your utility expense management, you get accurate and timely processing of all utility payments, ensuring costly errors never cost you a dime.
  • target new projects icon target new projects icon Lighter Load for Your Team Our utility expense management services free up your team to focus on tasks that grow your business and your net operating income, rather than tracking down payments and details.
  • process efficiency icon process efficiency icon Improved Efficiency Our standardized process efficiently manages all of your accounts payable needs, eliminating costly manual processes.

Accurate, Timely Payments

Liss Technologies will process, pay, and post your invoices in an accurate and timely fashion, ensuring you stay in good standing with all your vendors.

online payment and reporting

No More Charges by Mistake

We audit every bill. Yes, every single one. To make sure you are never subject to a late fee or an erroneous charge. We take the worry out of accounts payable.

team analyzing any errors in payments

Up-to-Date Records and Data

With our utility expense management, we provide you with real-time tracking of your utility costs and the subsequent relevant breakdowns, keeping you informed on any trends or surprising anomalies.

utility records and data

Optimizing Utility Expenses with Gas Metering and SubAllocation

Maple Walk Apartments, one of several properties managed by Central Management, has a mission to effectively manage and provide quality housing to their residents while satisfying the objectives of their property owners. Discover how this apartment community lowered their utility costs and increased their profitability by working with Liss Technologies Group.


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