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Ratio Utility Billing Solutions (RUBS)

An alternative to submetering, RUBS can still help you recover costs but in a simple, straightforward way.



Start recovering your utility costs today! As an alternative to submetering, Ratio Utility Billing Solutions (RUBS) allows you to easily charge residents for their percentage of the utility bill based on an industry-proven formula.

Because submeters aren’t feasible at every property (we wish they were!), this often leads many property managers and owners to consider RUBS in an attempt to recover resident utility costs. Depending on your property’s specific needs and the complexity of your solution, we can help you determine specifically which RUBS formula makes the most sense for you – whether that’s occupant per unit, square footage per unit, or a combination of the two.

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Benefits of RUBS

An effective and affordable solution to utility cost recovery.

  • saving money icon saving money icon No Up-Front Investment Unlike submetering, ratio utility billing solutions don't require an up-front investment or installation or the labor of reading meters regularly.
  • multiple utilities icon multiple utilities icon Covers Multiple Utilities This one-solution covers all. Easily charge residents for their portion of the bill - fitting for Water, Sewer, Gas, Electric, and Trash.
  • formula icon forumla icon Different Formulas There are a handful of formulas you can use to ensure every unit pays the appropriate portion of the utility bill, every time.

Spread Out the Costs

Allocating a percentage of the utility bill to each residential unit means you don’t have to absorb unnecessary costs, converting a net operating expense into a net operating income.

With our team helping you select the right RUBS formula, you should be able to recoup costs more easily, have stronger forecasting, and deliver a better resident experience.

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Share the Responsibility

When residents are responsible for their share of the utility bill, they are more likely to take an active role in conservation. Reducing overall usage and costs for utilities like electric, gas, and water.

Note: RUBS billing is not as accurate as submetering, so this must be kept in mind as you communicate with your residents. In addition, some states do not allow RUBS billing so we can help you navigate this accordingly.

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Get Your Property Setup Quickly

Apartment owners and managers tend to like ratio utility billing solutions (RUBS) because of the quick and easy setup process.

It can be implemented in a matter of weeks with no hassle. Plus, there are no installation costs, hardware investments, or issues with ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

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Optimizing Utility Expenses with Gas Metering and SubAllocation

Maple Walk Apartments, one of several properties managed by Central Management, has a mission to effectively manage and provide quality housing to their residents while satisfying the objectives of their property owners. Discover how this apartment community lowered their utility costs and increased their profitability by working with Liss Technologies Group.


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