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VERDANT THERMOSTATS: Monitor and control vacant and occupied apartments from your office.

Smart Integration

Our Verdant thermostats are designed specifically for multifamily. They uniquely give property managers the ability to monitor and control vacant and occupied apartments from their office. Residents can also control their apartments remotely. The smart thermostats have the added benefit of functioning as a Hub and providing smart home functions residents can integrate for their convenience.

Let Us Show You How to Save

The Benefits to YOU of Smart Thermostats


Resident Utility Savings

Residents can also control their apartments remotely to help save on heating and cooling costs

Vacant Apartment Monitoring

Vacant cost reduction–property managers can control HVAC in vacant apartment and common area from office.  24/7 portal to view temperature and humidity at every thermostat in real time

No Ongoing Fees

The smart thermostats are fully warranted with great support and have NO ongoing fees.


Optimize your utility savings with constant control from anywhere!

Never worry again if you forgot to turn down the air conditioning while you are away on vacation.  You are in control from anywhere you can access your phone.

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