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Package Lockers

Boost your amenity offering with apartment package lockers, making delivery and package management more simple, safe, and secure.


Certified Luxer One Partner

Apartment package lockers make receiving and storing packages safe, secure, and streamlined. As the official partner of Luxer One, we provide the highest quality lockers to automate the entire package delivery process and boost resident and manager convenience.

Our apartment locker solutions feature touchscreens, battery backup, and compartments of various sizes. We can help you design and build these into communities that are still in construction, or retrofit into existing communities. The opportunities are endless!

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graphic of apartment package lockers

See for yourself

Watch this video to learn why properties love package lockers from Luxer One and Liss Technologies.

  • package icon package icon Automated Package Delivery and Receipt With apartment package lockers from Luxer One, we help you offload the burden of handling packages by automating delivery and receipt.
  • apartment icon apartment icon Good For New or Existing Apartments With our custom lockers, you can design build an apartment package locker solution into new construction or retrofit the product into existing apartment communities.
  • package fit icon package fit icon Fits All Shapes and Sizes Almost 20% of packages are oversized. Oversized locker options mean you that 100% of deliveries will be accepted, including overflow during the holidays.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

The stream of packages from online ordering, and especially with the uptick from the pandemic, has created a lot of challenges for apartment managers.

With automated package delivery, you can step out of the process of accepting and processing packages – saving up to four hours per day. This leaves more time to focus on the important tasks that can help improve NOI.

Apartment Package Lockers Demonstration of Large Package

Lean into Quality and Security

Luxer One apartment package lockers are 12-gauge metal, providing a sturdy, secure destination for resident packages. Choose to include 24/7 video surveillance and a key-free access to all compartments for management. In addition, thorough account logs mean residents don’t have to worry about the safety and security of their packages.

As a manager, you can also rest easy know you don’t have to worry about potential theft while empowering residents to take hold of their own package management.

Luxer One apartment package lockers

Increase Market Competitiveness

With residents constantly looking for state-of-the-art amenities, apartment package lockers add real value to your complex attracting new residents and new revenue. With Luxer One locker solutions, you can even accommodate those large packages that won’t fit in mailboxes or traditional cubbies.

Because online ordering and delivery have become a significant part of everyday life, this amenity is key to a modern lifestyle. Residents even have the perk of shipping their outbound packages – including online shopping returns – straight from their home with Luxer One’s package lockers

example of complex's apartment package lockers

Personalize the Lockers for Your Community

Whether you’re designing a new build or looking to retrofit an existing community, there are a number of options to choose from. Locker options range from oversized to outdoors, which means we’ll always have the right package locker solution to work with your apartment complex.

You can customize your colors to match the tone and swatches of your apartment community, or show off your support for your favorite hometown sports team.

Regardless of your need, we can personalize your locker set-up and establish custom configurations for even the most unique of scenarios – and deliver the best in customer service. Simply contact our team to learn more!

outdoor lockers
locker installation

Liss Technologies Installs Lockers for Piper Lofts

Take a look at a project we completed with Piper Lofts in Kansas City, Missouri. Located in the heart of downtown, these lockers were the perfect complement to their urban setting and made it convenient for both staff and residents to manage package delivery at their community.


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