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Water Submetering

Installation, monitoring, and maintenance for automated readings and next-level efficiency.



With increased costs and growing scarcity of water, properties will have the opportunity to recover costs from the resident users and help conserve this natural resource. Water submetering gives property owners and  residents the ultimate power to understand their water usage/costs. Fix leaks, mitigate costly damage, and change behaviors to manage consumption more efficiently. Integrated in a digital, and cost-effective, platform, and you’ll see increased property values and quickly begin to recover utility costs.

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Water Submetering

For new construction, and existing properties, our water submetering system gives your community and residents a full-service reading, monitoring, and billing solution.

  • saving money icon saving money icon Quick Return on Investment Immediately begin recovering utility expenses and eliminate the utility costs previously paid by the property.
  • apartment icon apartment icon New Construction or Existing Properties Whether you’re working with a new development or an existing legacy property, we can get you up and running to quickly recover the costs.
  • energy icon energy icon Improve Energy Efficiency Drastically reduce unnecessary and irregular usage. Leaks and issues with our innovative features.

Digitize Your Water Submetering Process

With everything automated — from readings to billing to alerts and usage activity — you will significantly boost your usage visibility and improve your bottom line. Not only is this an accurate and efficient way to collect and transmit meter data, it’s also a substantial cost savings by eliminating property management labor in managing bills, resident questions and local master utility bill reconciliations.

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Promote Water Conservation

With a single point of water supply for each apartment, our water submetering measures individual consumption for an entire complex.  The residents will begin to have access to usage with their monthly billing. This gives the property the tools to regularly collect historically accurate and actionable data for predictability and forecasting.

promote water conservation

Easily Detect Leaks

With innovative water submetering, you can monitor occupied as well as vacant units for leaks and keep a close eye on consumption irregularities. Custom isolation valves also give you the ability to control specific water supply locations within the property.


tracking and detecting water leaks

Seamless Integration

We use non-proprietary equipment and industry-leading water meters, an important incentive for property owners in the event of a future sale. Whether it’s a new complex or a retrofit, our consultative approach ensures your state-of-the-art submetering will effortlessly integrate with your software platform. The best part? It’s backed by maintenance that’s ongoing and customized to your needs.

water submetering integration

Extraordinary Customer Service

When you work with Liss Technologies, you’re well taken care of. We provide full-service resident and property management care. Our onboarding program covers all the bases to get you setup and optimized for success. We do the work so you get the benefit of cost recovery!

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Real Estate Giant Goes
Contactless with Digital Water Meters

Needing to go contactless with their metering process, Cobblestone retrofit their properties with digital water meters that will save them tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours.


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