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ELECTRIC SUBMETERING: Discover how you can track & recover one of the most expensive utilities on your P&L.

Recover Electricity Costs

Electric submetering gives property owners and residents the ultimate power, helping them to better understand their electricity usage and expenses. With rising energy costs and a greater emphasis on energy efficiency, you can add money back to the bottom line by recovering electricity costs and get insight as to what drives increased electrical bills.

Let Us Show You How to Save

We provide full-service resident and property management care – plus, our onboarding program covers all the bases to get you set up and optimized for success. We do the work so you get the benefit of electricity cost recovery!

The Benefits to YOU of Electric Submetering

When you work with Liss Technologies Group, you have personalized service and an energy advisor on your side.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our leading submetering technology helps you expertly track and measure your electricity usage, providing insight into any sudden spikes or changes in usage rates.

Conserve Energy Naturally

When you shift the electricity usage and billing to the resident, it’s been shown to lead to energy conservation as residents become more aware of what they use and pay for.

Get Clear with Your Billing

With Liss Technologies handling your electric submetering and billing, residents get insight into their electricity usage and know exactly where their money is going.

Recover Electricity Costs

Electric submetering reduces electricity costs for the property by shifting the billing to the residents.

Tracking the exact amount  of electricity each unit is consuming allows the property to recover most of the costs of the electricity from those who are actually using it while staying on top of potential usage issues.

Making it Easy to Switch

At Liss Technologies Group, we have extensive experience in helping existing properties that may be utilizing a RUBS or fixed rate billing, move to electric submetering.

From the installation of electric submeters to communications equipment and other necessary system components, we will create a plan and communicate every detail to the team so you’re aware of what’s happening when and why.

Seamless Software Setup

Once the necessary equipment is installed, we will configure our utility billing software to connect to your electrical equipment.

This allows our team to help you track, report, and bill accordingly at the resident level – recouping those costs and adding money back to your bottom line.

Getting Started with Electric Submetering

Before jumping into a project, Liss Technologies Group will perform a free site analysis to evaluate your current electricity metering solution.

From there, we can propose an electric submetering and billing solution that best fits the needs of your property and the goals of the property owners. We take into account things like existing electricity systems, electrical infrastructure, local and state laws, and current energy consumption levels.


Optimizing Utility Expenses with Gas Metering and SubAllocation

Maple Walk Apartments, one of several properties managed by Central Management, has a mission to effectively manage and provide quality housing to their residents while satisfying the objectives of their property owners. Discover how this apartment community lowered

their utility costs and increased their profitability by working with Liss Technologies Group.

Let’s Discuss Your MultiFamily Premium Utility Solutions