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Real Estate Giant Goes Contactless with Digital Water Meters

1583 Digital Meters Installed
Mesa, AZ

In November 2020, Liss Technologies Group was approached by real estate giant looking for a new and innovative solution for their water metering. With more than 33,000 individual homesites located across the U.S., this particular project zeroed in on several of Cobblestone’s multifamily communities in Mesa, AZ—a total of 1,583 units. Needing to go digital with their metering process, they enlisted Liss Technologies to update plumbing infrastructure and retrofit their properties with digital water meters that will save them tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours of administrative work annually. 

Solutions Provided to Cobblestone Multifamily Community


Digitizing Amenities

When Cobblestone decided to go digital to create a more efficient process to collect meter data and eliminate labor expense, they enlisted the expertise of Liss Technologies Group to design and implement a turn-key system to accurately support daily monitoring and monthly utility billing. 

Reliable Data, Real-time and Historic

What used to be monthly meter reads is now done daily, allowing Cobblestone to both build historic data and reduce expenses by receiving immediate notifications for usage irregularities – drastically reducing any unnecessary and costly water consumption.

Total Project Management

Designed and managed by the team at Liss Technologies Group, including plumbing and excavation, all completed on time and budget. Replacement of antiquated isolation valves provided the property with sectional shut-offs to minimize resident impact and avoid full property shut-off for future proactive maintenance. 

Expanding the Scope of Services

In addition to the digital meter installation, Liss Technologies Group provided much-needed pipe repairs to a large portion of the infrastructure and units. The complex project resulted in a grand total of 1,583 digital meters installations with complete project management by Liss Technologies — coordination and oversight of several subcontractors for a streamlined client experience. 

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