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Top 10 Questions About Package Lockers for Apartment Buildings

Thinking about apartment package lockers

Have a question or two about package lockers for your complex? As a verified Luxer One partner, we’ve helped hundreds of complexes install package lockers…and along the way, we’ve answered thousands of questions.

To make your decision-making, purchase, and installation easier, we’ve analyzed our emails, call records, and conversations to identify the top ten questions we get asked over and over again – from property managers, owners, leasing staff, and more. There are probably questions in here you haven’t even thought to ask yet – so let’s dive in.

Package Locker Q&A

As the old saying goes, there is no such thing as a dumb question…especially when it comes to investing in an apartment package locker for your community. Here are the top 10 questions, links to additional resources, and “our take” on the question based on previous experience.

1. How do I know if I need a package locker system?

Knowing when to invest in an apartment package locker system can hinge on a few different things, but if your team is constantly acting as the package police, it might be time to do a little research into a locker system.

Our take: As a certified Luxer One partner, we know package lockers aren’t just a “nice to have”. At the end of the day, you need them to contribute to your NOI and produce a return by way of attracting new residents and saving staff time. As a result, we work closely with complexes to determine if a package locker system is right for you and what kind of system you might need. We’re also keen on making sure you’re aware of the options since it’s not just a locker – there are individual lockers, package rooms, or a combination of the two.

Bonus: We tackle this question a bit more in-depth in this article as well.

2. How many lockers will I need?

It depends. Yes, that’s not a straight answer but it’s the truth. The size of your community, your property demographics, and the number of packages you have delivered all have the potential to impact the number and kind of lockers you’ll need.

Our take: We leverage community data and what’s worked for other clients your size to help you determine the right number of lockers to serve your needs.

Bonus: As your community grows and changes, your package lockers can grow and expand with you, adjusting to best suit your needs at any given time…whether that means adding a few more lockers or an entirely new room!

3. What if I don’t have enough space for a locker in my building?

Good news! Lockers don’t have to actually be inside your building. While many prefer to have the lockers in a hallway or community space for easy access, not everyone has the square footage for that. Luckily, lockers can go outdoors, indoors, or even in a garage!

Our take: We’ve helped many clients find the right location – as you have to start there even before selecting the locker itself! We’ve seen communities convert outdoor space or garages if needed. Whether it’s a new build or retrofit of lockers into your current community, we equip you with everything you need to make your package locker a success…from the studs to the electrical to the HVAC.

Plus, property managers have the option to turn on Multi-Package mode, which allows carriers to deliver multiple packages for a resident into a single locker, making pick-up easier and leaving more room for deliveries.

4. How expensive are the lockers?

Budget is the main concern for many communities looking to install a new package locker system, but your vendor should be able to work with you to find the number of lockers that fit your community and your budget!

 Our take: We understand the boundaries of budget and also realize that it can be challenging to “shop” for something that has no price tag on it. Because the investment varies on a number of factors, if you’re currently in the “budgeting” mode and just need more info, feel free to request a free estimate and we’ll provide some numbers you can work with relative to your size and situation. We’ve seen projects as low as $4,000 and garage systems up to $50,000.

5. Are apartment package lockers secure?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Some package lockers are more secure than others. When shopping around, make sure you check with your potential vendors about security and surveillance capabilities.

Our take: Package theft is a real threat in today’s world, so we take security seriously. Luxer One lockers come equipped with 24/7 security and surveillance to ensure your residents’ packages are always protected. Video surveillance is monitored and kept for up to ten days. And should you need to access specific footage, Luxer One support will find the tape and send you everything you need to answer a question or confirm delivery. With secure network encryption, you can ensure resident data remains safe too.

6. What happens if the power goes out?

Since package lockers are a digital amenity, it makes sense that this would be a concern. Most lockers will have some kind of backup feature to ensure your residents’ packages don’t get lost in the abyss of a powerless locker.

Our take: Luxer One lockers have a 6-hour power backup that allows package lockers to run even if your power goes out. Should the power outage last longer than 6 hours, your management team will be able to manually access the lockers through a combination lock.

7. What happens if the package locker breaks or is broken into?

This is where your warranty comes in! Broken or damaged lockers should fall under your warranty (at least for a certain amount of time) and help avoid causing your wallet any damage.

Our take: Luxer One lockers are built with high-grade steel AND all parts are made right here in the USA. However, should your lockers ever break, we provide a 3-year warranty covering all parts and labor costs.

8. How will the carriers know to deliver packages to the package lockers instead of the office or door?

Typically, carriers are auto-notified of locker installations and will be trained to deliver packages to your brand-new lockers instead of your front door.

Our take: Luxer One provides carrier training to ensure all carriers are able to access and deliver to your package lockers. If carriers are not delivering packages into the lockers (for whatever reason), property managers can fill out a carrier support request and Luxer One will ensure the problem is taken care of.

Bonus: Luxer One lockers take an image of the package label and resident name instead of requiring the carrier to scan a barcode or enter a manual code. This saves the carrier time and makes it easier to deliver your residents’ packages.

9. Are there any resident fees associated with the lockers?

This question really depends on the locker vendor and the property management team. Some lockers come with a sign-up fee, and some provide it as an option for communities.

Our take: Liss Technologies does not require any resident to pay a fee to sign up for the locker system. Should a property management team want to associate a fee with the lockers, Liss Technologies can accommodate that request. Additionally, property managers have the option to charge residents for packages not picked up after a certain time as a way to incentivize on-time pick-up.

Note: We do provide a “vacation mode” for residents who will be away from the complex and not able to pick up their packages within a specific timeframe.

10. How much work is required from my team?

As little as possible! With your new package locker system, your team should be unburdened and free to plan new projects and attract new residents… one of the many benefits of a package locker system!

Our take: Once your lockers are installed your team will have access to the software that supports the Luxer One package lockers. This will give your team access to manage and audit the lockers as well as any analytics on usage, carrier deliveries, and more!

Bonus: Liss Technologies and Luxer One are constantly innovating and finding new ways to help better serve your community.

During the peak of COVID-19, Luxer One launched an in-app feature that allowed residents to pick up their packages by punching a code into their phone instead of the locker system – creating contactless delivery at a time when it was needed most. And their advancements aren’t done yet!

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