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Package Lockers: The hidden benefits for residents and apartment owners

Resident picking up delivery from apartment complex package locker.

If you had to take a guess, how many packages would you say were delivered to your complex in the past year? Depending on the size and number of residents in your community, your answer could be well into the thousands.

And that wouldn’t be surprising.

Consider this: In the fiscal year of 2020, USPS realized 80.94 billion total deliveries, increasing from 48.27 billion in FY 2019, according to Statista.

Not only did package deliveries double – but it’s hard to even fathom what 80.94 billion packages look like! Let’s just say, we’re certain that you saw this ratio as well, with volume doubling or tripling in the last year.

With more people working at home, staying at home, and ordering packages from home, it might just be time for your management team to think about investing in a package locker system for your community.

What exactly is a package locker system?

A package locker system is like a bigger (possibly better) mailbox that’s much more organized, secure, and can expand to fill what comes in. Package lockers are a safe and secure option for package delivery.

Luxer One package lockersHere’s typically how a package locker system works:

  • Package is ordered by resident and sent out for delivery
  • Delivery person brings package to complex and secures it in a specific locker, which then automatically generates a new code for retrieval
  • Resident is notified of package delivery via email or text message and given the code to access the locker
  • Resident will receive text or email reminders until they pick up their package
  • Resident uses code to open locker and retrieve package

Sounds pretty great, right?

Even with the basic know-how, sometimes managers still have to sell the idea to the owners, or the entire team needs to learn about the system so that the benefits do in fact outweigh the costs.

To help you communicate this to your team, let’s dive into the top five benefits of package lockers for your residents and your management team.

The Top Benefits of Package Lockers

From safety to convenience, package lockers are more than just a fancy place to store boxes! Here are some of the hidden benefits you’ll be pleased to discover once you install a system of your own.

Benefits for the residents:

Whether your apartment complex is brand new or a few years old, package lockers differentiate your community from the next. They are positioned as not only an amenity, but something that makes your apartment community that much more enticing.

Safety and Security

One of the biggest concerns residents have is the safety of their delivery. Whether they’re ordering a new MacBook, a load of Christmas gifts, or a new set of tires for their car (we’ve seen it all folks) – the last thing they want is to have their package stolen or misplaced. With unique codes generated and provided to residents for each package delivered, residents can rest assured that their packages are safe and secure until they are able to pick them up.

Showing safe and secure package delivery


What if a resident works the night shift and wants to get that Amazon delivery when they come back at 4 am? You can make that happen without waking from your beauty sleep. Residents never have to worry about scheduling a time to come pick up their packages during your apartment complex office hours. Packages can be picked up any time, day or night.

Notifications and Reminders

Say goodbye to the text messaging and calling you have to do directly at the office. With package locker systems, residents are automatically notified when packages are delivered and will continue to receive reminders until they are able to come pick up their package – making the entire transaction easy and seamless.

Example of package notification on mobile device

Short Term Package Storage

What happens if a resident is away for the weekend when a package is delivered? Not to worry! Packages can be stored safely in the package lockers until residents are able to come pick them up.


Packages delivery is now that much easier to manage. Residents know exactly when a package is delivered and can pick them up at their convenience. And with lockers of varying sizes, residents never have to worry that a package is too big to be safely delivered. With the rise of customer convenience covering everything from food delivery to telemedicine, this is another convenience that people will come to expect as time goes on.

Benefits for Property Managers and Leasing Staff:

Your team has a lot to handle, management of packages and deliveries don’t need to be one of them. Automate package delivery and empower your team to see what else they can deliver.

Free Up Time

The valuable time your team currently spends managing and handling package delivery can now be put to use elsewhere. Have a project that’s been put off because no one has time to do it? Need to spend more time focusing on marketing your complex to future residents? Now you have the time to do it all!

Decreased Liability

Nobody wants to be the package watchdog. Don’t make your team responsible for valuable packages and deliveries. With a package locker, you never have to worry about a resident accusing your management of mishandling a package.

Package being placed in a locker

Attracts New Residents

Don’t miss out on future residents because you don’t have the latest and greatest. Attracting new residents comes down to having the right amenities and benefits for your community. And guess what? Package lockers are high up on your future residents’ wish list and if you don’t offer them, it’s likely that the community down the street will.

Remove Clutter

Your lobby was designed for guests to enter and exit, not for packages to sit around in for days or weeks. Make package forts a thing of the past by safely tucking those packages away. Luckily, with your new package lockers, you never have to worry about the cluttered end-of-year holiday delivery ever again!

Putting packages in a package locker rather than a cluttered lobby

Easier to Manage

With clear insight into when packages were delivered and what locker they were delivered to, your team can easily answer any questions a resident might have. And with ongoing data, your team can more accurately predict times of increased package delivery and communicate that out to your residents.

Ready to see how a package locker could benefit your apartment complex or community? Liss Technologies Group is a certified Luxer One partner, providing package lockers, package locker rooms, and other package technology solutions.

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