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Apartment Amenities and Package Lockers: What Residents Really Want

Apartment complex with variety of apartment amenities and package lockers illustration

Since the start of COVID-19, the number of remote workers has increased substantially, with 1 in 4 workers now in remote positions.

Ok, but what does that have to do with apartment complexes? Turns out, quite a bit.

With more residents living AND working in their apartments, the amenities you provide have become substantially more important…and that much more of a differentiator between your community and the next one down the road.

While in the past, your residents might have spent anywhere from 10-12 hours a day in their unit (8 of which they were asleep), today that same resident could spend up to the entire day within your complex. And if you’re only providing the bare bones necessities, it’s likely they won’t be staying in your community much longer.

Increase in resident time spent in their apartment with remote work.

Because while price will always be an important factor, residents want a place they can comfortably live and work in, which means providing more than just the fundamentals.

Types of Amenities

Amenities can range from basic to luxury and everywhere in between. And often complexes include both in-unit amenities as well as community wide amenities (think dishwasher vs. swimming pool).

More than likely, your future residents will have a wish list of amenities they are looking for in their next home (and workplace). So, let’s break down exactly what your future residents are looking for.

Basic amenities include:

  • Mailboxes
  • Laundry Facilities (in unit or in building)
  • Secure Entry (fob)
  • Dishwasher
  • Parking
  • Trash and/or Recycling

While luxury amenities go as far as to include:

  • Gym
  • Package Lockers
  • Pool/Hot Tub/Sauna
  • Movie Theater
  • Yoga Studio
  • Game Room
  • Dog Park
  • Dog/Bike Washing Stations
  • Rooftop Space
  • Grills/Cooking Areas
  • Coffee and Vending Machines

Residents know they won’t get everything on their list but equipping your community with the amenities your residents really care about and use will be one of the biggest factors in winning their business.

So, what do residents really care about? And what are they willing to forgo for the right apartment?

Why Apartment Amenities and Package Lockers Top the Resident’s Wishlist

A package locker system is arguably one of (if not the most) important amenity you can offer your residents. Especially as more and more residents continue to work from home and make their living space into a combined living and working space…and place even more orders thanks to the increase in online shopping since the start of COVID-19.

An example of an apartment package locker system.

Because with remote work comes remote work deliveries, meaning residents are now handling more than just their Amazon packages from their homes.

And with 6.68 million packages delivered daily by FedEx alone, it’s safe to assume your residents have their fair share of packages coming their way.

Not only does a package locker system relieve your management team of the hassle of handling deliveries and any follow-up questions, but it provides significant benefit to your residents.

Now that’s not to say that other apartment amenities like a gym or a laundry facility aren’t important, but  according to Apartments.com, a whopping 84% of survey respondents stated that “Secure, self-service 24/7 package access” was one of the best community amenities a complex could offer.

And the easiest way to provide that? A package locker system customized to your community’s specific requirements.

Because with a package locker comes access and security – 24/7.

Accessibility of Packages

We live in the age of “I want it when I want it and I want it now.” And your resident’s packages are no different.

With residents working various shifts, odd hours, off hours, and no hours, it can be difficult for your management team to accommodate every pick-up need and timeframe. But with a package locker system comes the convenience of 24/7 accessibility.

Gone are the days of residents knocking on your office doors from open ‘til close. Instead, residents are notified as soon as their delivery has been placed in a package locker and are given a secure code to retrieve their package at their convenience and on their timeframe . . . which could be noon or midnight. It’s all up to them.

Security of Packages

Whether it’s a $5 package of ping pong balls or a $5,000 computer component, your residents want to know that their packages are safe and secure until they are able to come pick them up.

An assurance they don’t get when packages are delivered outside their door, or worse yet, outside their building.

Take this real-life story: A new apartment resident regularly ordered packages and had them delivered to their home. However, the complex did not have a package locker or a package room. Because of that, they experienced countless thefts while living in this residence.

While they were able to recoup the lost expense, the hassle of ordering another package and waiting for the delivery time AGAIN left a bad taste in their mouth. Something they remembered when hunting for their next apartment complex.

While everyone loves a pool or a view, knowing your packages are delivered safely and are available for pickup at your convenience is an amenity no resident is willing to give up.  Something potential residents, who have lived in apartments with package lockers will frankly demand in a new complex!

Discover the benefits of a package locker for your community today!

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