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The ultimate guide to buying apartment package locker systems

Discover if your apartment complex is in need of a package locker system

“You’ve got a package!”

If your apartment complex doesn’t have a package locker system, you’re probably all too familiar saying that – having spent countless hours every week updating residents about new or even forgotten packages.

The answer to your never-ending delivery dilemma? Automation. Or more specifically, an automated apartment package locker system.

But how exactly do you know if you’ve reached the point where you need a package locker system? And how do you go about finding the right one for your community? In this article, we’ll highlight the pain points that could indicate you’re in need of a package locker system, how to find the right one for you, and how to optimize your locker for the space you have.

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Do You Need a Package Locker System?

While it might be extremely apparent that you’re in need of a package locker system, sometimes it isn’t as obvious as stacks of package laying around your lobby and clogging up your hallways.

If you’re functioning off the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset, it might be time to adjust your view. While your team can handle the influx of packages along with their other job duties, it doesn’t mean they should. And more than likely, that valuable time could be put to better use elsewhere.

Some indicators you could be in need of a package locker system:

Your staff spends too much time managing packages and deliveries, including:

  • Answering package questions
  • Accepting deliveries
  • Notifying residents of new/forgotten deliveries
  • Playing traffic cop with carriers barging into the front office
  • Moving piles of package to keep the office or hallways looking better
  • Projects are often delayed or completely forgotten due to lack of time
  • You’ve considered hiring another team member to meet deadlines and goals
  • Residents complain about not being able to pick up their packages when they need to
  • Residents have to check multiple locations within your complex to find their package

Ultimately, you run the business, which means improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your team members (without increasing the number of them). This not only benefits your residents but your bottom-line.

What Package Locker System is Right for You?

So, now you know you need apartment lockers, but who is the right locker vendor for you? A couple things to consider when comparing package locker systems:

  1. Does it offer the ability to deliver to residents who haven’t registered for the locker system yet?
  2. Does it offer outbound shipping?
  3. Does it provide video surveillance to ensure the safety and security of your residents’ packages?
  4. Does it provide reporting and management tools that can accommodate multiple locations?
  5. Is there an oversized package locker option?
  6. Are there indoor and outdoor locker options?
  7. Are lockers equipped with multiple touchscreens?
  8. Is refrigerated storage part of the locker system?
  9. Are there revenue options?
  10. Do the locker providers have a robust resident, property, and carrier support program in place?
  11. Are they installed and supported by a factory trained, local organization?

While not a complete list of considerations, these questions should put you on the right track to determining what locker package system is right for your residents and your community.

How to Optimize for the Space You Have

New construction apartments or complexes benefit from the ability to customize a space for their package lockers.  However, with the right vendor, you can optimize an existing space to fit your needs and automate your package delivery.

  1. Determining Number of Lockers Needed

First things first, determining the right number of lockers. Unlike mailboxes, you won’t need a specific locker for every resident. Instead, analyze the number of packages you typically receive on a daily basis, as well as how quickly your residents pick up their packages. This will help you determine the right number of lockers for your complex…and help you avoid overspending on lockers that you don’t need.

  1. Indoors vs. Outdoors

The kind of space you have based on the layout of your complex or community will determine if an indoor or outdoor package locker is your best fit. Both solutions are able to accommodate oversized packages and can offer an overflow option. While indoor package lockers can be more convenient for residents, outdoor systems can often accommodate a bigger number of lockers especially for those apartment buildings with limited lobby space.

  1. Accommodating for Oversized Packages

It will be important to have a mix of locker sizes and types to accommodate for all the different packages your residents have delivered. While most packages will fit in the typical locker size, having larger sizes will help to avoid any packages being left with your team, in the lobby, or, worst of all, undelivered.

  1. Incorporating an Overflow Room or Locker

This final step will be especially important come holiday season. Including an overflow or Package Room will make sure every package is delivered safely and securely, even on the days your local delivery person has to make multiple visits to your complex.  Some package locker providers offer combination systems where existing lockers can also control and manage packages delivered into an adjacent package room.

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