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Do Package Delivery Lockers Really Increase Package Security?

Surveillance camera on a package locker

Package security is a real concern for multifamily leaders. The only thing worse than a resident having a delayed delivery is to have a delivery that happens…only to get stolen!

While some may think, “oh that doesn’t happen in our small community” or “our trust-worthy neighborhood or apartment community isn’t bothered by theft,” the numbers prove otherwise.

In fact, according to a C+R Research study, the number of respondents who reported having a package stolen rose from 36% in 2019 to 43% in 2020.

And the numbers are even higher for those who have known someone to have their package stolen. Unfortunately, package theft is on the rise and as multifamily leaders, it’s up to you to increase package security for your residents.

Package theft statistics on those who have had a package stolen, known someone to have a package stolen, or had a neighbor whose package has been stolen.

With the number of deliveries continuing to go up (and the holiday season right around the corner), package security is now one of your residents’ biggest concerns, and because of that, it’s probably on your list too. 

Package security is about more than stolen packages

Between the number of packages being delivered daily and the cost of those packages varying from the inexpensive to the VERY expensive, lost or stolen deliveries could spell disaster for your community and your management team. If not paid attention to, this could adversely affect a resident’s desire to renew a lease or even impact a prospective resident desire to take a tour.

But that’s not all. The side effects of lax package security runs deep, including problems such as:

1. Management staff being bogged down with package tracking details

When a package gets lost, the first call your resident will make is likely to your management office. And suddenly, that stolen package is now your problem…a burden your staff doesn’t need. Now, instead of focusing on the next email blast or upcoming community event, they have to take time out of their day to help track down yet another package.

2. Angry residents

Chances are, when those residents do come looking for their package, your management team won’t be able to do much to help them out. Unless someone happens to place it in the office, your staff doesn’t have a whole lot of control over a lost package. Which, unfortunately, won’t leave your residents with a shiny, happy memory of their experience with you.

3. Negative reviews on social media or platforms like Yelp

Social media has become an amazing place to connect with new residents, advertise your community, and share exciting updates. Unfortunately, it has also become everyone’s go-to for sharing bad reviews and unpleasant experiences…even if it wasn’t really your fault to begin with.

package security negative review

If your residents are consistently dealing with lost and stolen packages, you could end up with a negative review smearing your name.

4. Lost revenue

At the end of the day, theft is just plain bad for business. If residents aren’t renewing their leases because of package theft and new residents are deterred from signing a lease for that same reason, you lose out on major revenue.

apartment package locker guide offer

Why Package Lockers are the Answer for Better Package Security

The benefits of package lockers definitely point to making delivery and retrieval of packages easy and convenient. However, they also make the process a whole lot safer, including:

1. 24/7 Security Cameras and Surveillance

With 24/7 security and surveillance you never have to worry about a theft problem again. Should you experience any theft issues, security cameras and the locker log in system make it easy to narrow down who was the last person to access the lockers.

Bonus: With the right vendor, you won’t even have to sort through your footage to find the perpetrator. The locker vendor will be able to do that for you, finding the footage that finds your resident’s lost package.

Apartment package locker security camera and surveillance.

2. Secure Location for all Package Delivery

With lockers made of top-quality steel, thieves won’t be able to break in and steal your residents’ expensive (or not) packages. Because even if it was just a new notebook or a pair of socks, no one likes to be the victim of a thief.

3. Customized Pin to Access Lockers

Residents are given a customized pin or barcode to access their packages, meaning outside of management and the delivery person, no one else will be able to access (and take) those packages.

Resident securely accessing their delivery with customized code.

4. Only Management and Delivery People Have Access to Lockers

Like we mentioned above, only the package delivery person and your management team will have access to all lockers at any time. By limiting the scope of accessibility, you can ensure your residents’ packages stay safe in their lockers until they are retrieved.

5. No More Packages Just Sitting Around

Plain and simple, with less packages sitting out in the lobby or even outside the building, you have less chance of theft in your community. Goodbye theft, hello security!

Package delivery shouldn’t be the cause of a stress ulcer. By investing in a package locker system equipped with quality control, 24/7 security and surveillance, and customized access codes, your residents and your management team can rest easy.

So, who’s got mail?

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