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Liss Technologies has a strong national presence with apartment and commercial property owners, managers and developers.  Liss Technologies Group provides complete Utility Management including submeter installation, complete billing and payment processing solutions, Package Management and an array of solar and utility efficiency solutions.  We also provide full-service product design, development, manufacturing and support for our products that make the modern apartment lifestyle effortless for the property managers and their residents.

Invoice America offers highly innovative products to help enrich the business of our clients by encouraging reduction in utility costs and promoting conservation. We strive to provide billing protocol that maintains superior performance and quality with a minimal amount of effort. This is achieved by incorporating the latest in advanced wireless technology with up to the minute internet capability.

Our systems provide an affordable solution to rising utility costs and offer rapid return on initial investment. Further, we take great pride in our commitment to providing stable and dependable monthly billing services for our customers. It is the commitment to quality and service that has laid the foundation for Invoice America to be successful and serve as the basis for continued success for the past 35 years and for many years into the future.

VisiCom is the leading nonverbal paging system for dental and medical practices, requiring no room-to-room wiring and minimal setup. Put a unit in each exam room, choose a letter for each provider, a number for each room, and you are ready to page. VisiCom is the height of simplicity; when you need someone, simply press their assigned button.