Online Shopping Outsells Traditional Stores

In February of 2019, the world of retail reached a milestone. For the first time ever, total online sales outranked total sales in stores in the general merchandise category, according to the US Commerce Department. What does this mean for apartment complexes? For multi-family living, it means those packages are not going away anytime soon. [...]

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Fall Tradeshow Schedule

Come check us out at these upcoming events! This Wednesday, Liss Technologies attended the Affordable Housing Association Fall Conference. It was great meeting with maintenance and other property managers, and seeing what technologies could help improve their day-to-day workflow. To join the organization, follow the link below to stay up-to-date with housing trends and regulations. [...]

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Dry Weather Expected to Continue

According to AgFax, the Midwest region is expected to continue to experience drier weather this season. To help keep your water costs under control, consider the services provided by Liss Technologies and Invoice America. In addition to helping you allocate out water costs and recover them from the tenant, we monitor meter readings and will [...]

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How to fight energy drain in your complex

Standby power is the power used by your devices when they remain plugged into an electrical source, but are not in use. Also referred to as vampire drain, Standby power costs Americans av average of $19 billion dollars annually, and apartment complexes use a good portion of this wasted energy cost? How can we fix [...]

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AAN 2018 Membership Kick Off

Liss Technologies sent several team members to the kickoff for the 2018 Season. The Apartment Association of Nebraska has been working hard this year to expand their territory, and we are excited to grow with them, as they expand their organization into the Grand Island and Kearney. At this event, the organization discussed all of [...]

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Reduce Waste this Holiday Season

The Holidays are upon us, and with this time of year comes additional trips, planning and responsibilities. Here are some tips to help get you through this crazy time of year, while still being mindful of the resources used LED vs. Regular Christmas lights Though I am a complete sucker for the big mid-century vintage [...]

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Friday the 13th

    While the exact reasons for Friday the 13th vary, every culture seems to celebrate this unluckiest of days. To get yourself in the spirit, here are some fun activities you or your apartment complex can do to celebrate this spooky event:   Watch a scary movie Buy and decorate hockey masks for a Friday [...]

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Five Tips to Winterize Your Apartment

Winter is fast approaching, and gas bills will soon be rising, but you can help prevent a drastic increase in your energy bill with these five tips, that take little preparation, and minimal cost to the tenant. 1. Add Warmer Bedding If the thought of being cold while sleeping has you running to the thermostat, [...]

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