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  • Wireless, turnkey installation

  • Professional wiring of all equipment

  • Competitive financing

  • No FCC license required

  • No building wiring or underground cables

  • Resident brochures explain energy allocation

  • Site personnel training and support

  • Approved by local and state jurisdictional agencies

  • Fully compliant with National Utilities Allocation Association standards

  • Meets all ASHRAE and NCWM requirements for energy allocation systems


  • Fully automated…minimal maintenance and support!

  • Continuous diagnostic monitoring

  • Reliable daily data transfer by modem

  • Most advanced technology available for energy allocation

  • One year warranty on parts and labor

  • No individual time meters to read

  • Automated, on-time, low-cost billing service

  • Recovery of all gas charges through resident billings

  • Condensed monthly usage and billing summary report

  • Hedge against inflation and unpredictable price increase

  • Prompt tenant billing assures positive monthly cash flow

  • Website access for property database updates


  • Licensed distributor of Inovonics Tapwatch® systems, which are integrated into the unique CompugasRF design

  • State-of-the-art, 916 MHz RF technology

  • Tamper-resistant security

  • Long-life lithium battery

  • Spread spectrum, frequency hopping radio

  • Exclusive furnace functionality monitoring (optional)