Press Release 2019-06-12T16:26:44-05:00

Invoice America, Compugas and GRH Electronics Acquisition

As a valued customer, we’d like to inform you that Liss Technologies Group LLC has acquired Invoice America, Compugas, and GRH Electronics. Liss Technologies completed the acquisition of these Omaha-based businesses earlier this year.

There has and will continue to be noticeable expansion to our technology and services. We are investing and updating our utility metering, billing and payment processing services. We are also bringing forward additional cost-effective services and solutions to help run multifamily and commercial properties more efficient and cost-effectively. Aside from branding and marketing changes, Invoice America and Compugas will continue operations under their current names, while GRH Electronics will consolidate under Liss Technologies.

Liss Technologies is focused on providing you with an enhanced experience as a result of this acquisition. We’re dedicated to saving you time and money by better serving your needs, increasing communications, streamlining current processes and expanding services. We will continue to provide high quality products and accurate services. We will be carefully listening to you and applying our 35 years of expertise in utility measurement and billing to anticipate and solve your issues. The new owner brings 33 years of sales and technical expertise in aerospace, display technology, manufacturing and customer support.

Look forward to future announcements, useful announcements and blogs on our website at

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our corporate offices if you have any questions regarding the transition. We look forward to continuing to make life for multi-family properties easy and effortless.