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Partnering with Carriers to Improve Package Delivery at Your Community

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You’ve got your package locker installed, your complex managers trained, and your residents registered. All done, right?

Not quite. There’s actually one more step you can take to improve package delivery – that’s to train and partner with your carriers.

Make sure the UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc know where to go and what to do!

When carriers don’t deliver to your package lockers (or leave packages right in front of your lockers!) you miss out on the major benefits these lockers provide. Plus, this increases the probability of a stolen package or the wrath of a resident whose package was stolen!

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If you’re experiencing any of the challenges below, it may be time to sync up with your package delivery carriers and make sure you’re both trained and following the same process. If you’re a Liss Technologies customer, feel free to use our carrier support form for specific assistance.

1. Are packages being left in front of lockers?

If the packages are not being delivered to a specific locker, almost all the safety and security is lost as we mentioned earlier. Some package lockers do come equipped with 24/7 security and surveillance, but if a package isn’t behind a locked door, chances of it being misplaced or stolen drastically increase.

2. Are packages not checked in properly?

In order for the package locker to notify your residents that a package has been delivered, that package must be placed inside a locker. Without that critical step, your residents have no idea a package has been delivered and that package could end up sitting in your hallways for a week or more.

3. Are the office areas and hallways cluttered with packages?

One of the major benefits of a package locker system is that it clears your hallways and office space of the piles of packages. But if packages aren’t being delivered appropriately, you can say goodbye to clear walkways.

These symptoms of poor carrier communication create more work for your team, something you were probably aiming to reduce with your new apartment package locker system.

Partnering with your carriers is a critical step to ensuring packages are safely and securely delivered within the package locker system. To help guide your training and your partnership, we’ve put together a few critical strategies to help ensure your deliveries always get delivered!


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How to Improve Carrier Delivery Immediately

Ideally, all carriers would deliver packages to your new apartment package locker, and no one would every complain. But sometimes issues happen.

To help you avoid any carrier calamities, we’ve put together a list of strategies and best practices to improve carrier delivery and resident satisfaction.

1. Proper Training

It’s hard to do a job if you haven’t been properly trained on how to do it…and your new apartment package delivery system is no different. While most package lockers already have an automatic notification and training with major delivery carriers, it’s important that you double check with your local delivery people to ensure they are up to date on the latest and greatest delivery amenity in your complex.

2. Make Sure You Select the Right Package Locker System

Without a doubt, the ease of delivery plays a huge role in whether or not packages are delivered inside or in front of the lockers. The Luxer One package lockers allow carriers to take an image using the built-in camera of the entire package label, saving time and improving the effectiveness of the process. Say goodbye to manually entering the package codes and hello to properly delivered packages!

3. Know How to Access Your Locker Support

Whether it’s you, your carriers, complex managers, or residents, there will definitely be questions that pop up from time to time. So, how can you help people contact locker support? This is a super straightforward process depending on who you choose as your apartment locker provider. With Liss Technologies Group, for example, a carrier complaint form is available by Luxer One to facilitate support-related requests. If you need to speak with someone on the phone, the Luxer One support team is available from 6 am to 9 pm (Pacific Standard Time) Monday – Saturday at (415) 390-0123.

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Ready to see how a package locker could benefit your apartment complex or community? Liss Technologies Group is a certified Luxer One partner, providing package lockers, package locker rooms, and other package technology solutions.

Ready to talk about package lockers for your community? Schedule a call today and learn more about how you can add this valuable amenity!

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