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Maple Walk Apartments

Mature Apartment Complex Smartly Optimizes its Utility Expenses with Gas Submetering and Allocation

Client Overview

Maple Walk Apartments, one of several properties managed by Central Management, has a mission to effectively manage and provide quality housing to their residents while satisfying the objectives of their property owners. Liss Technologies Group has been providing a utility allocation program to some of their properties since 2002. In 2020, they expanded their utility allocation program to include the Maple Walk complex, in hopes of lowering their utility costs and increasing their profitability. Liss Technologies implemented a digital, accurate solution meeting the demands of the property’s older infrastructure. By integrating Energy Sentinel onto the boiler and radiator zone valves, they could assure an accurate measurement of the heat consumption.

  • Lowering Utility Bills
    When Maple Walk’s utility charges began to rise, the Central Management team realized something had to be done. Having worked with Liss Technologies at their other properties, they knew utilizing a utility allocation system would enhance Maple Walk’s bottom line. Through monitoring gas runtime and billing their residents for actual usage, not only did it help the bottom line, but it also encouraged utility conservation by the residents, effectively lowering utility costs.
  • Solutions for Boiler Heat

    Property management worked with Liss Technologies to provide the necessary information to implement a zone valve monitoring system to accurately assess usage from the boilers and radiators, something the company has specialized in for years. By integrating the Energy Sentinel onto the boiler and radiator zone vales, they could assure an accurate measurement of the heat consumptions as well as provide daily usage monitoring, system performance, and awareness of extreme heating in both occupied and vacant apartments. 

  • Significant Upgrades and Enhanced Value to the Property
    While Maple Walk Apartments are historic and desirable, this upgrade added value to the complex. The system allowed residents to control and manage their heating usage, promoting more conscious consumption, lower gas expenses, and reduced carbon emissions. Liss Technologies seamlessly retrofitted the complex with leading-edge digital technology that has vastly improved efficiencies for the property’s management and residents alike. Further proving that older properties can be greatly enhanced with modern technology!

Overcoming Installation Challenges

 Liss Technologies’ technicians installed the digital system at the property within a week, without impacting the residents or the property’s operations. The Energy Sentinel was the perfect device for the boilers and legacy radiator heat systems. It reports information daily, providing precise consumption data that assures accurate monthly gas billing.

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