Moon Landing Anniversary

50 years ago, one of the greatest technological advances of our age occurred. The moon landing was a great feat, combining technology and innovation to bring together new opportunities for humanity. At Liss Technologies, we strive for this same greatness and innovation, thinking of amenities that will truly change and innovate the way multi-family living [...]

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Online Shopping Outsells Traditional Stores

In February of 2019, the world of retail reached a milestone. For the first time ever, total online sales outranked total sales in stores in the general merchandise category, according to the US Commerce Department. What does this mean for apartment complexes? For multi-family living, it means those packages are not going away anytime soon. [...]

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Social Media Matters

This week Liss Technologies attended the Apartment Association of Nebraska lecture on Social Media Management. In an era where most of the population has a smart phone, it's important to know what is online about your company, and how you can improve your reputation put out to the general public. One of the most important [...]

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Excess Usage Alerts Keep Energy Costs in Check

A great feature provided by Invoice America is our Excess Usage Alerts Program. We monitor all of our water and gas metered apartments for excess usages. This empowers the property to take proactive steps to avoid Excess Water or Gas Utility usage immeadiately, without waiting for the spike in energy costs on next month's bill [...]

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Package Problem? Let Liss Technologies Help with Luxer One Technologies

In 2016, Amazon shipped a billion packages during the holiday season, with the number expected to grow in 2017, and property managers are feeling the effects of this package problem. While most property managers expect to manage 20 packages a day on average, that number can quadruple during the holiday season. Liss Technologies dropped [...]

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Liss Technologies Welcomes Luxer One

    At Liss Technologies, we are always looking for new solutions to make the multi-family lifestyle effortless for both Property Managers and Residents. We are proud to partner with Luxer One Packaging solutions, the on-site package solution that makes the world of online ordering safe and secure, that proudly manufactures their product in the [...]

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