Cut Down on Water Costs This Summer

In the summer, cities typically increase their water rates due to the increase use of this precious resource. If you’re trying to conserve your water usage, this chart below is extremely helpful in being mindful of your usage and saving on water costs.

Did you know?

For example, brushing your teeth with the water running uses two FULL gallons. By simply turning the water off until it necessary for use, you can save a significant amount of water usage in your home.

Shower 25-50 gallons (5-10 gallons/minute)
Bath 36 gallons (full tub)
Toilet flush 5-7 gallons (less with new low-flow toilets!)
Brushing teeth 2 gallons (tap running)
Hand washing 2 gallons (tap running)
Shaving 3-5 gallons (tap running)
Dish washing 20 gallons (tap running)
Automatic dishwashing 12 gallons (tap running)
Clothes washer 30-60 gallons (full cycle)
Outdoor watering 5-10 gallons per minute



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