Online Shopping Outsells Traditional Stores

In February of 2019, the world of retail reached a milestone. For the first time ever, total online sales outranked total sales in stores in the general merchandise category, according to the US Commerce Department.

What does this mean for apartment complexes?

For multi-family living, it means those packages are not going away anytime soon. In fact, many grocers are even getting in the online game, and delivering goods directly to their consumers. This means apartment complexes need a game plan on how to keep their tenant’s orders safe and secure, without cutting into your team’s day-to-day operations.

How can we help our tenants?

In the past, packages were often picked up from the leasing office, or set in a designated area. However, this does not offer protection for packages, nor does it offer refrigeration for food, medical supplies and other perishable items. The most effective solution is package lockers. There are several versions of package lockers available, the most popular ones currently being offered by Luxer One and Amazon. The Luxer One Lockers even offer a variety of sizes and both indoor and outdoor options. For more information on package lockers check out our Luxer One apartment package lockers page on our site!

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