Liss Technologies believes in Recycling

Liss Technologies truly believes in a conservation and sustainability, and we kept those principles in mind when executing our move. Though it took some additional man-power and hours, it was worth the extra effort to see items re-used by communities who need them.

We did a tally and estimated that we saved:

  • 22 Gaylord Containers of Office Materials Recycled
  • 40 yard dumpster full of recycling
  • Banker boxes recycled to other non-profit organizations, including an animal charity
  • 30 years’ worth of excess office supplies donated to: Metro Re-Entry Program, South High School and Blackburn elementary
  • All electronics wiped and recycled


Only Waste:

  • 10 Yard dumpster to trash


Keeping in mind that we were responsible for emptying a 16,000 sq. foot warehouse, we are very proud of how much was diverted from landfills.

Next week, we will roll out some great tips for recycling in your home and office!

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