How to fight energy drain in your complex

Standby power is the power used by your devices when they remain plugged into an electrical source, but are not in use. Also referred to as vampire drain, Standby power costs Americans av average of $19 billion dollars annually, and apartment complexes use a good portion of this wasted energy cost?

How can we fix this?

  1. Unplug chargers in your offices when not in use.
  2. If your complex has a common room kitchen, make sure non-essential devices (coffee makers, toasters, etc.) are left unplugged unless in use.
  3. For common entertainment areas, use power strips to turn of the entire grouping of devices, making it easier for tenants when they do want to use those amenities.
  4. Use sleep mode for computers and any touch screen amenities. A desktop computer will use: 73.97 watts when idle, 21.13 watts when asleep, but just 2.84 watts when turned off but still plugged in.
  5.  Employ tools that track excessive usage. You can use a watt detector kit to test the amount of energy used. Invoice America also provides reports that allow you to track areas of your complex that are using too much power.

*Statistics provided by Omaha public power district.

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