Luxer One launches Refrigerated Package Lockers

Almost every week, there is an email in your promotions folder for the latest food delivery services Blue Apron or Hello! Fresh, offering 50% off their services, or a free one if your friend has sent a link your way. But how can you justify signing up for the food service living in an apartment? Even if your property manager keeps watch over arriving packages, how are you supposed to guarantee your food will still be frozen by the time you arrive?

As, of January, Luxer One is pleased to announce Luxer Fridge, a commercial refrigerator fully integrated with the Luxer Lockers system. Residents are notified when they receive a perishable delivery and receive an access code to unlock the refrigerator to claim their items.

For more information on visit Luxer One Package systems page on our website, or to request a quote for your property fill out the form that follows.


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