Apartment Amenity Trends

Below are five popular trends hitting the multi-family market.

How does your apartment add up?

  1. Locker Solutions
    • This first trend has almost become a necessity with the explosion of Amazon, and the growth of food delivery services like Blue Apron. Package Lockers make worrying about your packages going missing a thing of the past. Here at Liss Technologies, we are proud to be on the forefront of this trend, as an authorized re-seller for Luxer One. Interested? Request a quote now!
  2. Pet-Washing Station
    • People may be putting off their first-time home purchase until later in life, but that doesn’t mean they are putting off having a furry companion. To keep clean, many apartments are investing in special waste cans for the landscape around it, and investing in washing stations to keep those cute, but muddy paws from staining the carpet in common areas.
  3. Bike Storage Rooms
    • As cars become more of an expense and the cost of gas continues to rise, commuters are looking for ways to save, and bikes are a popular option. They require little to maintain, and have the added bonus of promoting personal health. Bike storage areas allow for renters to make that responsible decision without having to give up precious square footage.
  4. Community Chill Spaces
    • What used to be a small foyer for guests to wait in has blossomed into a scene from HGTV. From fire pits to movie centers to outdoor game areas, having that extra pizzazz has become necessary to give that wow factor that turns a potential apartment into the place they call home.
  5. Going Green…literally.
    • While some people might think this means a recycling bin on every floor, responsible disposable of waste goods is an established trend. This year, going green is about creating an urban jungle, and bringing life into your space. Whether it be a trendy decorative succulent wall, or an herb garden that the residents can utilize, the name of the game is the color. Make your multi-family living space a welcoming environment that everyone wants to be a part of.
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