Social Media Matters

This week Liss Technologies attended the Apartment Association of Nebraska lecture on Social Media Management. In an era where most of the population has a smart phone, it's important to know what is online about your company, and how you can improve your reputation put out to the general public. One of the most important [...]

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PACE CAPITAL Finishes First Project in Omaha

Nebraska is close to completion on their first project following the passing of the Nebraska Pace Energy Act in 2017. For those unfamiliar with PACE, it is best summarized on their site: "PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) is a simple and effective way to finance energy efficiency, renewable energy, and water conservation upgrades to buildings. PACE [...]

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Apartment Amenity Trends

Below are five popular trends hitting the multi-family market. How does your apartment add up? Locker Solutions This first trend has almost become a necessity with the explosion of Amazon, and the growth of food delivery services like Blue Apron. Package Lockers make worrying about your packages going missing a thing of the past. Here [...]

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