Excess Usage Alerts Keep Energy Costs in Check

A great feature provided by Invoice America is our Excess Usage Alerts Program. We monitor all of our water and gas metered apartments for excess usages. This empowers the property to take proactive steps to avoid Excess Water or Gas Utility usage immeadiately, without waiting for the spike in energy costs on next month’s bill or tenants to report a problem. Unreported maintenance issues could potentially be damaging your structure. could potentially be damaging your structure with leaks or other issues.

Below are a few examples of typical usage versus extreme usage.


The graph below shows a potential problem. One Apartment shows a spike in usage, of 1440 minutes (24hrs) runtime on the furnace, which is extremely high, and virtually impossible under any normal circumstances. This generally indicates that the pilot light is out in the furnace, and needs to be re-lit. This warrants further investigation, and therefore a notice is sent to the property.

The graph below indicates a potential water usage issue. One apartment shows a spike in usage of 1200 gallons used in a 24 hr. period, which is extremely high. This generally indicates that there is a stuck flapper on the toilet causing constant running water. However, it could mean a high user on that day, such as a large laundry day. This warrants further investigation, and therefore a notice is sent to the property to verify and remedy the problem.

Invoice America generates reports nightly, allowing for the capability to send out personalized emails to the property, alerting them of any potential issues, such as pilot outages, or water leaks. We then work with property managers and/or maintenance staff to handle the issue accordingly. These reports are also helpful for identifying less conservative tenants, allowing property managers to combine forces with their tenants to come up with energy saving solutions, as well as promote prompt reporting of maintenance issues keeping tenant bills low.

This is just one great example of the programs that Invoice America and Liss Technologies provide to make the modern lifestyle effortless for property managers.

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