Package Problem? Let Liss Technologies Help with Luxer One Technologies

In 2016, Amazon shipped a billion packages during the holiday season, with the number expected to grow in 2017, and property managers are feeling the effects of this package problem. While most property managers expect to manage 20 packages a day on average, that number can quadruple during the holiday season.

Liss Technologies dropped off festive packages of our packages solutions to several different apartment complexes throughout the Omaha-metro area, and saw the extent of the package problem! Most leasing offices had one office at least half full of packages, which is why we are pleased to offer the technologies of Luxer One Package Solutions.

Not only do these locker systems make life easier for property managers, it also makes life more convenient for residents. By providing residents with a one-time use code when their package arrives, 1st attempt delivery is guaranteed every time, and residents don’t have to worry about having to make it to the leasing office during normal business hours.

Complexes can choose locker options with just a few doors, or they can choose to have an entire room built, depending on the size of the complex and average number of packages they receive.

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