Economic Outlook: Greater Omaha 2040

The Liss Technologies Marketing group attended the economic outlook meeting for the Omaha Chamber of Commerce, and we are excited for what the year 2040 holds for the Greater Omaha Community.

Omaha is launching a unique program that focuses on what they want the city to look like in 2040, and the steps they need to take now to become the city of tomorrow. To reach these goals, they are making smaller five-year plan increments to ensure the city is on track.

The big push in the first five years of this plan is investment in technology companies, which is something that Liss Technologies holds dearly at the core of their values. We are committed to bringing life-changing and effortless products to the multi-family community, which is why we have partnered with Luxer One Package Solutions and Dom Lock Aerials to make life effortless of any stage of business.

What will our next Technology be? Do you have something that could contribute to the modern lifestyle? Message us at to bring your next big idea to our suite of modern products.

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