Five Tips to Winterize Your Apartment

Winter is fast approaching, and gas bills will soon be rising, but you can help prevent a drastic increase in your energy bill with these five tips, that take little preparation, and minimal cost to the tenant.

1. Add Warmer Bedding

If the thought of being cold while sleeping has you running to the thermostat, make sure you have enough bedding to help keep yourself warm. Adding another blanket besides the sheets and comforter, or investing in flannel sheets for the winter months can make the room feel 5 to 10 degrees warmer, without raising the thermostat.
We can guarantee this tip will make the bedroom warmer, however, we can’t guarantee you will want to leave your cozy bed.

2. Use Throw Blankets Throughout the Home

Another cost-effective option is throw blankets throughout the apartment. Make sure they are handy for when you are relaxing at the end of a day in your living space. You can add a cute throw with a pop of colors to spruce up the apartment, or if you have a favorite old blanket that has seen better days, store it in an attractive basket or trunk for when it’s not in use!

3. Seal Windows & Doors

While This Option requires the most time investment, this is also where apartment tenants see the greatest change in their utility bill. For the Door, a draft stop will slide on the bottom of the door, eliminating the cold draft that comes in. This can be installed in any apartment, as it simply slides on and requires no installation.

Before attempting a window sealing product, be sure to check with the Property Manager, or your lease to make sure you can install window seals. If done improperly, there can be damages to the paint on the wall. If done properly, the change in savings is enormous.

4. Curtains

If you cannot install plastic window seals, buying energy saving curtains can reduce costs, and will not cause damage to the property. When selecting a new set, make sure that they curtain is double-lined, for maximum draft blockage. For those who have a sunny bedroom, the energy saving curtains are also light blocking curtains.

5. Dress Warmly Around the House

The last one seems like common sense, but even the simple act of wearing socks around the house can make you feel warmer, and less likely to turn up the heat and increase the bill. Pay attention not only to the amount of clothing you are wearing, but what the garments are made of. Wearing a Chiffon Robe around the house, while it is an extra layer, will not provide much warmth. Stick to cotton, wool and other warm fibers, that will provide adequate warmth.

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